About Us


The Embassy ensures the representation of Romania in the Republic of Singapore, promotes the interests of the sending state and facilitates the cooperation between the two countries.

It provides consular protection to the Romanian citizens according to the standards of international law as well as the legislation of Romania and Singapore.

The Embassy stimulates and services the dialogue between the relevant institutions in areas of mutual interest aiming to generate benefits on both sides.

We are keen to identify opportunities to expand the exchange of knowledge between representatives from the political, economic, scientific and cultural fields.

The Embassy's team is fully engaged in nurturing friendship and understanding between Romanians and Singaporeans. Initiatives on arts, sports and youth are important areas of action on our people-to-people agenda.



Relocation of the Embassy of Romania to the Republic of Singapore


Beginning with August 1st 2019, the Embassy of Romania to the Republic of Singapore will be located at King’s Centre, 390 Havelock…

Happy New Year!


Season's Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year! …